We are a concessions management company who supply and manage all requirements for food, bar and retail traders at some of the UK’s largest events, festivals, small boutique or street food events, and corporate functions.

We are a concessions management company who supply and manage all requirements for food, bar and retail traders at some of the UK’s largest events, festivals, small boutique or street food events, and corporate functions.

You bring the crowds.
We’ll feed and water them.

Our experienced and energetic team work seamlessly with your business to ensure that your event caters for all your customers’ tastes and needs, enhancing the experience for your visitors whilst adding value to your business and maximising profitability.


Established in 2010, Green Events Co. have an extensive roster of over 1000 traders including quirky street-food vans and trucks, and high output build ups. Our diverse selection of traders ensures we can tailor our delivery to the vision or style of your event.

Every need catered.
Every detail covered.

Our diverse range of traders are meticulously vetted for professionalism and quality, and with end-to-end management of traders, from the selection process to load-out, you can rest easy that all traders are suitably trained and certified and conform to relevant legislation or event policies. Our staff will always be on site for the entire event to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Stand Out
Street Food.

Street Food in the UK is booming. Green Events Co. are on a mission to find the most innovative and inspiring traders to provide high quality, cooked from scratch, food fixes for some of the UK’s leading Street Food events.


Apply now to join our directory of Street Food traders for upcoming events in 2021.

“Green Events Co. have supplied and managed concessions for both Kendal Calling and Bluedot for the past 6 years. Since working with them we’ve seen an increase in profits, standards and customer satisfaction. Their level of service and commitment is outstanding.”


Ben Robinson Director of From the Fields – Kendal Calling and Bluedot

We help maximise revenue for your event

Our extensive experience of customers’ needs, foot-fall flow and trading efficiency informs our selection of traders and site plans to increase profitability for your business.

We save your business time and resource

Managing potentially hundreds of traders on-site can be challenging but it is what we excel at. Our full-service offering means that your staff can concentrate on other areas of delivering the best event experience for your visitors.

Scale and flex

We understand the challenges of creating an event that keeps getting bigger – more crew to take care of, more pitches in new areas of the site, more infrastructure and increasingly complex logistics. We will work with you to scale and flex all requirements to ensure your event management team is happy and your customers are catered for.

Navigating the red tape

Legislation surrounding event trading can be complicated and time-consuming to manage with a lot of data and certification required from all traders on site. Our online and offline management systems will make sure every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed.

Quality assurance

A quality experience for your customers translates to repeat visits. Our selection process is tried and tested and always developing in-line with market trends and changes in legislation, ensuring we can offer you the very best selection of the highest quality UK traders, all correctly certified for your peace of mind.

Our well trained and experienced team can ensure a professional delivery from start to finish. Minimising the time, effort and risk for your business.


Our solid reputation ensures that we continue to attract new, and high quality traders to the festival and event industry.

Our experience enables us to curate the perfect roster of traders for your event, and design and implement a pitch plan that will maximise your revenue.


Our proven success brings event organisers back year-on-year.

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