Apply today to join the Green Events Co. festival circuit

Apply today to join the Green Events Co. festival circuit

Selection Criteria

We’re on the look-out for new traders to join Green Events Company on our tour of British events. We will want to check out a few things about your stall as we only supply the best in terms of presentation, hygiene and cleanliness, quality, healthy options and competitive prices.


As an eco-friendly organisation we give preference to traders who use organic, fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. We are always looking for new ways to be kind to the environment and give preference to traders who adopt the same ethos as we do.


Green Events Company has a strict NO polystyrene policy on all our event sites and we promote biodegradable and compostable packaging wherever possible.

Apply today to see if you’re the right fit for Green Events Company. We’re particularly seeking traders who supply:


  • Nourishing meals for hungry tums
  • Exotic street food
  • Organic wholefoods
  • All-day breakfast bars
  • Vegan, halal, kosher and gluten-free specialities
  • Boutique bars, traditional taverns, cocktail bars…
  • Farmers market produce
  • Fairtrade and ethical wares
  • NGO and charity awareness stalls
  • Funky festival fare and retail

Becoming A Trader

To begin trading at our events you need to become a Green Events Trader.  If you are interested in trading at our listed events please complete our online application form. If your application is successful one of the Green Events Company team will contact you without delay.


Thank you for your interest in joining the Green Events Company!